Charleston Chews - strawberry - 1.875 oz - box of 24

Charleston Chews - strawberry - 1.875 oz - box of 24


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Product Details

Charleston Chews are a chewy strawberry flavored nougat candy bar with a delicious chocolate coating.
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Tootsie Roll Industries

Candy Memories

The best time in my life was when I lived just outside Chicago, and once a week my father would give my sisters and I $1.00 each to spend. We would rush to the corner store to spend it! This store was a child's version of heaven. They seemed to have every kind candy you could ever want.
My one favorite was a Charleston Chews! There wasn't a week that went by I didn't pick up one or two! Not only do the trips to the store bring back sweet memories, but I can almost taste the candy again just thinking about it! Denise from Georgia

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Mary Gabrenya


Charleston Chew

My friend and I were reminiscing about the candy we loved as kids, when we got stuck and couldn't remember the name of this one favorite. So, based on her description, I serched Old Time Candy's website until I found it- Charleston Chews! I bought a box of strawberry and a box of chocolate so Charlene and I could split it-she was thrilled and so surprised! Both our families had a Chew-fest, and now they're almost gone-YUM!


Ratings & Reviews

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