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Candy Watch - 1 piece


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Candy Watches and the time is correct... twice a day.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship on the next business day.

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Koko's Confectionery

Candy Memories

My father is an insulin dependent diabetic and my young brother has many food allergies, including chocolate, so for the most part my childhood home was candy free.
One summer while visiting my Grandparents in Michigan I attended a children's Bible camp. For each verse learned we received play money which could be turned in for a prize at the end of the program. I had an edge because my Grandfather was a Baptist minister and his wife was in charge of handing out the verses, this in addition to my competitive spirit, resulted in long study sessions. At the closing ceremony I had earned $25 dollars in "Bible Bucks."By winning the top prize I got to pick my treat first. I walked slowly past the large teddy bear, coloring books, and neon jump ropes to a small basket of jewelry.
Even then I was a jewelry lover, but I had never seen anything like this, mixed in with some costume jewelry was a candy ring pop, a candy necklace and a candy watch. I purchased the basket and wore my winnings with pride. I eked out my pleasure my eating each lime, banana, lemon, and strawberry piece one by one until I was left with a sticky soggy string. Then I started on my watch, at a small lick at a time I managed to take four wonderful days to consume it.
Even now, years later when I hear certain Bible verses my mind drifts back to the tangy tart taste of my cool candy watch.... Jewelry and candy what a great combo! Sierra from California

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Dawn


Candy Watch

My little boys loved this. They saw girls with candy necklaces and wanted something similar. They were fun and delicious.


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