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Ever bite into a piece of candy and find yourself instantly reminded of a great memory? Maybe it’s a summer evening at the drive-in, or a happy moment with a childhood friend. Share one of your beloved candy memories with us. Your story could be used on our website and you could win a 4lb Decade Gift Box. The next winner will be chosen on May 30th, 2018.

Jana from Oklahoma wrote:
“Ah, pixy stix in the summer! I always bought them at the swimming pool because you could really enjoy your stix, get the sugary fun all on your hands & face & then jump in to “clean yourself off.” To this day, the smell of chlorine, suntan lotion & pixy stix take me back to being 7 years old again. Grape flavor was my personal favorite & the GIANT pixy stix were the treat to have. It was all that length of sweet & tart candy in a plastic straw that didn't get squishy since most times my hands were wet from swimming. And besides, you could use the empty straw to keep little brother in line!”

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