Pay Day - 1.85 oz bar - box of 24

Pay Day - 1.85 oz bar - box of 24


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Product Details

Can't get enough peanuts? Try a PayDay peanut caramel bar, with sweet caramel and tons of salty peanuts.
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Candy Memories

When I was a kid, there was a small candy store in my town that my friends and I would go to after school to get a sugar fix. One day while browsing the countless counters of lovely confectionaries, I noticed something that caught my eye, a payday bar. Being a peanut fan, I figured I would give it a shot. The candy was simply amazing. I can still remember that day in the candy store every time that I bite into one of them.
It is just one of those things that really make me remember my childhood, and all the great times my friends and I had together. Spending time in the summer building forts in the river, and then going into the candy store, dirty up to the neck with mud, and getting a payday. Such a wonderful product that takes me back to the days of my childhood. Dan from Pennsylvania

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Steve Vinson


Payday--Can Never Keep Enough

Always good. It is amazing how many of my frends today remember Payday from ther childhood. Now years later, I have to hide my supply carefully.


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