Butterfingers candy bar

Butterfingers - 1.9 oz bar


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Product Details

Butterfingers are crunchy, peanut butter candy bars covered in Nestle' milk chocolate.
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Nestle' USA

Candy Memories

From the earliest days that I can remember, I loved Butterfinger. But, some of the reasoning for this may not have to do with eating the candy bars. According to family lore, my grandfather was a commercial artist in the Chicago area in the teens and early twenties. While also taking classes at the Chicago Art Institute, he would take on small contracted jobs to keep food on the table.
One of these small "jobs" was for Curtis Candy to design the artwork for a couple of candy bars. I am sure that the amount of money he made was not enough to retire to an artist's colony, but for me it sure keeps his memory alive every time I purchase a Butterfinger or Baby Ruth.
If anyone has anything resembling Curtis Candy historical archives, it would sure be interesting if my grandfather's name could be found somewhere therein. Mike from Michigan
I am 81 now, and I have wonderful memories of being in charge of the penny candy counter in the 1940s in our family grocery store in Birmingham. I loved the peppermint sticks, the wrapped butterscotch candy, and the Orange slices. But my favorite was always the Butterfingers, I used to sell one, eat two! Richard from Alabama
My two younger sisters and I would put on our best shoes and clothes for our monthly trip into town. After the usual stops at the bank, grocer and hair salon we would end the day at the general store. Having saved my fifty cent weekly allowance all month, I could not wait until the stop at the five and dime. I always bought a three pack of comic books in clear wrapping and the largest Butterfinger they had (within my budget, of course). The trip home was so exciting trying to guess which comic book would be in the middle of the packet. It did not take long to kick off my shoes and run to my room with my comic books and candy bar. I would savor every bite of my Butterfinger as I read through my new comic books. I hope they don't run out of Butterfingers before next month. Dean from Missouri

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: H.W. Dixon



Still as great as they always were. The filling is fresh and crunchy.


Ratings & Reviews

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