Smoothie - 1.6 oz pkg - box of 24

Smoothie - 1.6 oz pkg - box of 24

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Product Details

Smoothies are creamy peanut butter cups coated with butterscotch (no chocolate) and made by the same company that makes Mallo Cups. There are 2 cups in each package.
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Boyer Candy

Candy Memories

A smoothie brings back memories of a Saturday morning... Cartoon Saturday. That was the only day cartoons came on so it was a very special day. What made it even more special is going to my dad's lunch box by the door. He would come home from working in the coal mine and he would always stop Friday night and get me and brother a Smoothie. We knew it would be in there but to open that lunch box up and see that candy then run to the TV for the cartoons... Oh man that was worth waiting all week for. Melissa from Illinois
I had two older brothers who were bullies and used to pilfer my Halloween candy...except for any Boyer Smoothies. In fact, they used to give me theirs when they got any. Here's why...I convinced them that I HATED Smoothies, when they were actually my absolute favorite candy. So my brothers thought they were punishing me by "forcing" the Smoothies on me. (I did not mind that they stole most of my other candy because I had a stash where I would squirrel some away). Later I learned that they really knew that Smoothies were my favorite AND they knew about my stash, but they went along with the ruse "just 'cause". Jerry from Washington

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Ratings & Reviews

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I ordered these for one of the attorneys at work - he was remembering eating them as a child and had found some recently in a remote place while working. I told him I knew where I could find some and sure enough -- here they are! He is thrilled - he ate over half the box himself!


Ratings & Reviews

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