Boston Baked Beans - 0.8 oz box

Boston Baked Beans - 0.8 oz box


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Product Details

Original Boston Baked Beans are sugar-coated peanut candies.
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Ferrara Candy Co.

Candy Memories

I loved Boston Baked Beans as a child! My parents would often take me and my brother to the mom and pop stores so that we could spend a dollar or two on penny candy. Boston Baked Beans were almost always purchased for just a dime a box (those were the days)!
I used to pour the contents of the whole box into my mouth and dissolve the sugary sweet coating a little bit before crunching down on the remaining coating and peanuts. No wonder I was at the dentist so much, lol!!After finishing the candy, we would put the box in our mouths and use it as a whistle. I remember the "Just Say No To Drugs" message that would often be printed on the inside of the box on the flap.
They still sell Boston Baked Beans here at a local dollar store. They are in a big plastic bag instead of the little cute boxes. It just isn't the same. Nikisha from Pennsylvania
"EEEEEEEOOOOOEEET," I'd holler outside across the street." That was the way my friend, Jane and I would "call" each other when we wanted to do something with the other. Jane would pop her head out her front door and say, "What do you wanna do today?" Many times we decided to take a walk to the local drugstore. We'd gather our change and off we'd go. The woods behind the neighbor's yard was a great shortcut as we headed to the candy land down the hill. Most often I'd choose the Boston Baked Beans. One reason was that they were only 5 cents. I always felt like it was a great deal for my hard earned paper route money. I'd pop them in my mouth on the way home and enjoy the texture and flavor of them. Not too long ago, I met a friend from Boston. For Christmas she sent a little care package and one of the items inside was none other than Boston Baked Beans. It immediately took me back to my childhood days with my friend, Jane and walking to the drugstore. Laurie from Ohio
My dad would take my sister and I to Sears to get games, then to the candy store. We lost him when we were young, so eating our old time candies, brings comfort and reminds us of him. He'd steal a piece or two, and we'd giggle like crazy. Kimberly from Georgia

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Elvee OKelley



Boston Baked Beans -- what a treat! One of my favorites.


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