Blow Pops - cherry - 1 pop

Blow Pops - cherry - 1 pop

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Product Details

Blow Pops, first it's a sucker and then it's gum! Hard candy on the outside, gum on the inside.
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Charms Candy

Candy Memories

I remember when I was about 8 or 9 years old. My older sister and I would go to the neighborhood pool. We would stay there all day during the summer and our parents would give us money for snacks. After swimming for awhile we'd head over to the concession stand and the first thing I would ask for was a Blow Pop. Grape was my favorite and my sister would always choose cherry.
The best part was after we got all sticky from eating our Blow Pops, we would jump back in the pool and wash it all off. To this day, every time I see a Blow Pop, I remember those summer days, splashing around in the pool, hanging out with my big sister and having fun. Shannon from North Carolina
I come from a very large Mexican-American traditional family. Growing up I went to a lot of pinata parties. My cousins and I always made sure the pinata was filled with plenty of cherry blow pops!! Elizabeth from California
My older brother and I used to pull a wagon through our neighborhood to get bottles that had a return deposit in them. We would fill our wagon and cross over "the boulevard" in our town to pull our wagon to the back of the store and have the clerk count the bottles. It was a great way to learn quick math. We took our time picking candy and also saved some of our money in case bottles were not so plentiful in the next week or so. We would lay out our candy and build a fort with chairs and blankets and camp out eating our candy. Those memories are more on my mind today than what I did last week! Kristin from Florida

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