Blow Pops - 1 assorted flavor

Blow Pops - 1 assorted flavor

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Product Details

Blow Pops, first it's a sucker and then it's gum! Hard candy on the outside, gum on the inside. You are purchasing one random flavor. If ordering more than one we will mix up the flavors.
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Candy Memories

Wow Blow Pops! Was I thrilled when I found them again! I was walking through a store one day and there they were in the candy section. The memories came flooding back.My Mom was always against gum - it would end up in our hair or somewhere that she didn't want it to be. We (6 of us) always wanted gum and always got a ÔæìNo.Ôæî Then the Ôæìbig discoveryÔæî Ôæñ it was like a light shinned directly on the ÔæìBlow Pops.Ôæî They were our saving grace.
Mom never quite caught on to the ÔæìblowÔæî part and never had a desire to read the label. It was a lollipop. We finally had found our hidden gum. We loved it and having this special little secret between the six of us was wonderful. We would all be enjoying a Blow Pop and could just look at one another and giggle that special little ÔæìI've got a secretÔæî giggle. I can hear it now. That special giggle was the most wonderful thing about childhood and it was all due to Blow Pops. Audry from California
Besides the new found choices in the lunch line instead of standard "hot lunch", 1980s Junior High brought the introduction of Blow Pops. Strictly prohibited to sell them to others, the 25 cent each transactions still occurred. I had the biggest crush on a boy whose locker was just down from mine. I thought the way to his heart would be to give him blow pops. So I had to find someone to secretly buy these from, risking being in trouble for such a deviant action. I gave him so many blow pops but I never won his affection, great memory and a lot of laughter that life was so simple back then. Marcie from Washington

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