Hershey's Kisses Valentine Memory

in Valentine's Day Memories
Back when I was 16, my first love was so sweet and we really enjoyed spending time together.. It was definitely puppy love and I had to do something extra special for my sweetheart and let her know how much she meant to me. Our favorite candy of choice was Hershey's chocolate kisses. So to outdo all the other guys at school, I first got permission from my homeroom teacher then I made a huge heart in the middle of the classroom floor with Hershey kisses . Then on the chalkboard, I hung a huge poster that said " I love you Faith A and surrounded it with Hershey kisses too.. On her desk , I put a red rose lying in a bed of Hershey kisses. Oh did I take her breath away. Best memory ever And yeas, I was voted most creative person that year and was put in the yearbook. 29 years later, we are still friends and we still give each other Hershey kisses..