[{ "title": "Tammie's Candy Memory", "content": "I love the chocolate Necco's it brings me back to my child hood and my cousin and I would ride our bikes to this garage that sold candy he would get Necco Wafers and he would pick out the chocolate ones and give to me he knew they were my favorite. It just brings back very fond memories of my cousin and the fun we had." }, { "title": "Danette's Candy Memory", "content": "My favorite candy is Necco Wafers. We would go camping several times a summer and always go to the camp store and buy necco wafers and eat them out by the campfire. My siblings and I would trade colors so that we could have the favorites and we'd always give the black ones to my dad lol. My favorite was the green! When I have the rare chance to find them I always buy them and take them up to him." }, { "title": "Norma's Candy Memory", "content": "\nWhen we were younger (the 50's), my brother would pretend to be a priest leading mass, and I was the altar boy, and I couldn't wait to get a sacrament (the Necco Wafer)! I couldn't wait for him to get to communion and share his candy! Chocolate was my favorite! Such memories! He's passed away now, but ill always remember the Necco and the fun we had!\n" }, { "title": "Teresa's Candy Memory", "content": "My favorite childhood memory and candy is hands down Necco Wafers - me and my sister would each get a roll every time we went to the laundry mat with my mom. While my mom did the laundry we would sit and stack them into “birthday cakes” taking 4\/5 different colors and making the cakes! Every time I eat them now it makes me think of this and smile." }, { "title": "Jenn's Candy Memory", "content": "My all time favorite candy would have to be these Necco Candy Wafers. Reminds me a lot of my grandparent's house. My Grandma would always have a little tin filled with rolls of these for my sister and I. Just the smell of them brings back so many great memories. I have since passed the liking of these to my children." }, { "title": "Linda's Candy Memory", "content": " I remember so many of the Old Time candies with such fond memories. Mallo Cups, Sky Bars. Kit Kats, Necco Wafers and so many more. I owned a carryout for many years and the kids and their parents would get so excited whenever I could get any of the old time candy in stock. Love the memories!" }, { "title": "Bruce from Massachusetts", "content": "I loved the simplicity of Necco Wafers, but I think I really only enjoyed the chocolate ones because the others didn’t seem to have much flavor except for sugar. I didn’t live too far away from the Necco factory and remember riding by in my parents car and smelling nothing but SUGAR. That’s what made us happy." }, { "title": "Val from Texas", "content": "I remember going to the news stand in Albion, NY when i was a young kid, many, many years ago. The had a huge glass display filled with so many different penny candies: taffy, necco wafers, candy buttons, etc. Behind the counter they had a huge barrel filled with root beer. This web site brings back good memories." }, { "title": "John from Maryland", "content": "I loved to get these candies as a child, but my best memory is of my children getting them from my father. It became a special bond between them. Necco wafers became granddad's candy. Even now that my dad has been gone for over 12 years, every time we see them in a store I pick up a package of them for my children. They are grown up now, but I still see that special smile they used to share with their granddad.\r\n" }, { "title": "Suzanne from Maryland", "content": " I remember as a little girl visiting my grandmother in a small town in New Jersey. She would take me down the road to a little 5 and dime store and let me pick out something. I always picked out the Necco Wafers candies. They were my favorites! Even today when I eat them I think of that special time I got to spend with my \"Nanna\" as a little girl." }, { "title": "Deb from new Hampshire*", "content": "As I young child my brother and I along with kids from our neighborhood would put on our swimsuits early in the morning and off to the beach we would go. With just a little bit of change as we needed it to last the week we would get a snow cone and the BIG roll of Necco wafers as our treat for each day. So many wonderful, fond memories of childhood. Just to be carefree . As an adult those Necco wafers still have special memories." } ]