7 Chocolate Bars To Celebrate World Chocolate Day With

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It’s one of the most popular and prestigious candies in the world. 

Coming in all shapes and sizes, it is every child's favorite dessert and every adult’s greatest vice. 

It’s found in your grandmother’s sweets jar, the checkout line at the pharmacy, and restaurant menus across the world. 

Without it, who knows how we as a civilization would struggle to satisfy our sweet tooths!

Can you guess what we’re thinking of? 

It’s chocolate. 

In case you didn’t know, this past week we celebrated World Chocolate Day.

We’ve got so many “national” and “world” days now that it’s easy to lose track of all of them—especially when it’s a few days after the 4th of July!

Nonetheless, we did not want to pass up acknowledging an important day for chocolate lovers around the world. We all know that you took full advantage of the day and cured that chocolate craving with your favorite creamy confection. And if you didn’t, we’ve got something sweet for you. 

Instead of giving you the backstory of how chocolate dates all the way back to ancient Mesoamerica and was originally developed as a liquid to be drank, and was used to cure stomach illness, and was even highly regarded as a wartime resource, we figured we’d instead drop a list of our favorite chocolate candy bars of all time and give you a chance to snatch a few to celebrate a belated World Chocolate day. 

Here are 7 chocolate bars you can honor World Chocolate Day with. 

1. Hershey’s Classic Chocolate 

It’s a no-brainer here that the classic Hershey’s candy bar is iconic? Don’t believe us, check out why we think it is in this blog post right here, and while you’re at it hop over to the candy aisles of our website and grab yourself a few just to remember how good they actually are. 

2. 100 Grand Bar

An all-time favorite at OldTimeCandy, the 100 Grand Bar  has been a popular seller for a long time, and to this day, is one that you can’t help but love every time you sink your teeth into it. I mean the name really says it all—it tastes like a hundred grand!

 3. Toblerone 

If you’re feeling a little elegant and want to take your tastebuds higher, the Toblerone chocolate bar will do that. It’s got a few things that most other chocolate bars don’t—it wins the award for most stylish packaging, with its triangle-shaped sectioning, and packs a unique flavor combination of chocolate, honey, and almond. 

4. Crunch Bar

The Crunch bar is a childhood classic—the crispy rice, mixed in with the milk chocolate makes for a popping flavor that is unbeatable. But if you really want to bring it to life, pop it in the freeze overnight and then give it a try

5. Clark Bar 

After all the ups and downs that the Clark Bar has had in it’s 100+ year history, we should be grateful that it’s even back on the market. Once a staple in candy stores, the Clark Bar has been cherished since day 1 by chocolate lovers and found its way back onto shelves in the last year. It’s one that every person young and old can appreciate for it’s classic combination of peanut and chocolate.

6. Butterfinger 

The Butterfinger is one of those chocolate bars that takes texture to a whole new level. Instead of settling for that creamy and consistent peanut butter texture that everyone is used to, they crisp it up giving it flaky layer after flaky layer under a soft coating of chocolate. Even when it’s sticking to your teeth like gum glue, you can’t help but love the taste. 

7. KitKat

The beauty of the KitKat is simple—it’s the bar that brings more bars. Unlike any other chocolate bar in the game, the KitKat can be broken down into 4 smaller individual chocolate bars, giving you the perception and feeling of eating even more chocolate—I mean, who can complain about that? Not to mention it’s got one of the best chocolate-to-wafer ratios in all of confectionery cooking. 

It’s never too late to eat some chocolate...

Yes, World Chocolate Day might have passed, but that doesn’t mean you need to pass up on your chance to cover those tastebuds with the best chocolate bars in the world. Go ahead, hop over to our chocolate bar aisle and grab yourself a few of your personal favorites, you deserve it!

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