What the Heck is Horehound?

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It might sound like a dirty word, but Horehound is anything but! This furry plant is known for its medicinal qualities and has been utilized as a household tonic for centuries. Today, Horehound is still used in cough drops and candies as a soothing sweet!


The plant itself is rather unique. A member of the mint family, the leaves have a distinct furry texture and meatiness to them that makes horehound a very hearty herb. It’s known for its bitter taste (something between root beer and licorice) which causes the body to regulate breathing and digestion.


Throughout history, horehound has been used in a variety of ritualistic and medicinal ways. In medieval Europe, it was even used to ward off a witch’s spell! Egyptians once called horehound the “Seed of Horus”, which could possibly be the origin of the strange name. It also shows just how sacred they thought horehound to be!


Are you intrigued by this fascinating and useful plant? Pick up some horehound candy drops from our store and feel the rejuvenating effects! Let us know what you think in the comments below.


For more information on the current research into horehound click https://healthybutsmart.com/horehound/ 


My grandpa used to carry these camping when we went when I was little girl.
He ate them all the time.
I can still remember the taste, I like them very much. I didn’t even know they were still available.


Horehound candies help with my asthma and allergies. When I start to feel as if I can’t breathe, I pop in a hard piece of candy, and within minutes, I am relaxed and breathing regularly! A delicious treatment!

Barbara J Parker

My mom used to give me horehound as a kid. I have lung cancer and the horehound calms down my cough and soothes things. It’s also great for my digestion issues. Beats taking medication with side effects.

Kat Wainwright

I picked up a bag of this candy a few weeks ago from a Roses Discount Store in North Augusta, SC. I really enjoy it and find having a couple pieces after I eat lunch really helps settle things. I would say “somewhere between Root Beer and Licorice flavor” is an accurate description. It also reminds me a bit of unsweet iced tea. It’s not a very sweet flavor but it is dusted sugar outer coating pairs very nice with the main flavor. Mint is a natural digestive aid so it makes sense to have this candy after a meal. I would absolutely buy and eat this candy again if I saw it available. It looks like one bag is going to last me several weeks which is nice. The candy was only $1 for the bag, a great value!

Jessica McNally

I saw a pack of this candy in the grocery store but i have never heard of it. Couldn’t find what flavor it was likened to, so I bought cinnamon. At home I looked it up and next trip will buy a bag. I’ve had licorice (black) and love it, but I never read the back of the package. Had I’d done that I would have looked it up earlier.

Judith Johnson

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