What is a Buckeye?

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Are they native to Ohio? What came first, the candy or the nut?

The Aesculus glabra is more commonly known as the Ohio buckeye, or American buckeye. The tree was named after Captain Daniel Davis proclaimed the first tree felled west of the Ohio River would be named a “buckeye” tree.  The nut of the tree can be blanched and used for tanning leather and when dried can be strung onto a necklace.

After that, “buckeye” was a nickname used for the people of the state of Ohio. The Ohio State University began using it as it’s nickname officially in 1950. From there the candy came to being! Our favorite part! The Buckeye candy is made to look like the tree’s nut. Firstly it is a ball of peanut butter fudge dipped in milk chocolate. There is a small circle of the peanut butter left visible.

Buckeye candy is very popular during Christmas, college football, and wedding season!

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