What Candy Should You Eat Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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What is your Zodiac sign? 

We all have heard that one friend talks about their Zodiac sign and how it plays a role in all the things that they do. From the way that they act to the things that they wear, even down to what they eat, it’s all inspired by or because of their Zodiac sign.

While some personality characteristics might feel accurate and others not, there are always a few things from your Zodiac sign that people can infer—one of them being your candy preferences.

Sure there is no science to prove this, but we did our best to pair the perfect candy with each Zodiac sign.

Check it out and see what yours is! 

Aries - 100Grand

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and as fitting, is always looking to be number one in everything that they do. They are courageous, determined, confident, and always looking to lead the charge when it comes to competition. With all that said, there’s only one candy bar that we believe can hold up to the personality of those who fall under Aries and that is a 100Grand. Between the name alone and the powerful flavor of milk chocolate, caramel, and crispy rice crunchies that stimulate the sweet tooth, it is a match made in heaven. 

Taurus - Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar

The Taurus sign is known for a few different characteristics, notably, they are reliable, practical, and patient. As such, Taurus folks are drawn to love and beauty as well as taste and touch when it comes to their senses. Between their appreciation for food and earth and their innate desire for consistency, the candy best suited for Taurus is the classic Hershey’s Chocolate Bar. Hershey’s is always reliable, always consistent, and delivers on every single bite. 

Gemini - Now Later

Gemini signs absolutely love experiencing the world. With a bold and often sociable personality, Gemini prefers to be out in the world, exploring and communicating with others. They also have a very inquisitive approach to life, always asking questions and looking for answers. If this is you, we highly recommend snacking on some Now & Laters. As a multi-flavored candy, this treat is perfect for Geminis who want to explore but can count on getting the same kinds of experiences in each bite. 

Cancer - Dove Dark Chocolate Bar

The Cancer sign is known for being emotional, comforting, compassionate, and sometimes tenacious. They care deeply about friends and family and will always look for ways to empathize with others. When it comes to snacking on sweet treats, the Cancer signs are going to want something that comforts the taste buds and makes them feel good, and what does a better job of that than Dove Dark Chocolate Bar? A little edgy on the outside, smooth on the inside, Cancers appear tenacious, but deep down they are soft and loving just like the first bite of a Dove Dark Chocolate Bar. 

Leo - Jolly Ranchers

The Leo sign craves creativity and good times, as well as always looking for chances to express love in the form of generosity and passion. They are self-confident and sometimes dramatic, even when it comes to little things like their outfits—they prefer big bold colors and lots of attention. As such, the best candy fit for Leos had to be Jolly Ranchers. Between the flavor variety and the bold colors, it's a match made perfect between Leos and Jolly Ranchers. 

Virgo - Toblerone

Virgos are naturally drawn to order and practicality. They find themselves caught up in the smallest details of life, often looking into all the details and overthinking. As one who prefers order over chaos, the candy partner for Virgos has to be Toblerone. With its simple combination of almond and nougat, along with the perfectionist triangular shape, it’s only fitting that methodical Virgos would snack on Toblerone. 

Libra - Twix

Libras love partnership and equality. They are always chasing social fairness as well as avoiding conflicts at all costs. Libras are also drawn to the finer things in life whether it be material goods or experiences, they are looking for the best of the best. While there are many candies that could fit this sign, Twix is by far the ideal fit. Most famously known for the infamous battle between left and right Twix, this iconic candy bar represents harmony and balance—an ideal match for Libras. 

Scorpio - Clark Bar

Scorpios are known for their leadership, resourcefulness, and passion. If someone is going to overcome challenge after challenge, it’s going to be a Scorpio. They are truth-seekers at their core and will always remain loyal to their true friends. In that vein, there is one candy that has withstood the test of time and has maintained a loyal following even in the face of war—Clark Cups. As one of the most historical candy bars on store shelves, the Clark Bar and its little brother, Clark Cups have been around forever and continue to stay true to their original recipe and look. 

Sagittarius - Laffy Taffy

Combine curiosity, energy, and humor and you have yourself a Saggitarius. These folks are always down for an adventure or a deep conversation about the meaning of life. Just when you thought they were settled, boom a major change comes their way. That’s why Laffy Taffy is the candy partner for Saggitarius. Between the expansive flavors and wrappers jokes, it's only fitting that a Saggitarius sign would instantly love a big bag of Laffy Taffy. 

Capricorn - Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Capricorns have a tendency to be responsible, disciplined, and often serious in their nature. They crave independence and freedom, while still being realistic. They are leaders and good managers as they are always organized and learn well from their mistakes. As lovers of quality craftsmanship and tradition, there’s no better fit than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. There’s something about the classic combination of milk chocolate and peanut butter that has remained relatively the same for decades making it one of the most iconic candies on this list and a great match for Capricorns. 

Aquarius - Nerds Gummy Clusters

The Aquarius sign is a stand-alone amongst the rest. As such, those who fall into this sign are eccentric, progressive, and highly intellectual. They are people who fight for idealistic causes and see each person as individual and special. For this candy match, we thought Nerds Gummy Clusters is the perfect partner. The balance between different color nerds and the gummy center holding it together, it felt fitting that Aquarius folks would love this treat.

Pisces - Twizzlers

Pisces people are compassionate, gentle, and wise. These folks love to help others, expecting nothing in return. They also have a deep understanding of the lifecycle and value heartfelt relationships. Again, there are a few different candies that could match with a Pisces, but there’s one classic sweet we couldn’t leave off this list: Twizzlers. With a deep history in the licorice world and American culture, Twizzlers is one of those candies everyone appreciates and respects, making it a hand-in-hand fit with Pisces. 

That’s a sign to go get some candy! 

Whether you’re a fan of the treat that aligns with your sign, you’re bound to find something you like in our digital aisles. Head over there by clicking right here, pick out all your classic candy favorites, and we’ll ship it straight to your front door. 

Stay sweet! 

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