Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise

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It’s getting hot enough here in the states for everyone to start wishing they had their own private island. If you close your eyes tight enough, the sound of passing cars might transform into waves lapping at the sand. What’s that? A police siren? No! That’s a tropical bird, calling to its flock. Don’t you feel the ocean breeze? Warm and wet like..oh, that’s just your dog.


The imagination can only go so far, but there’s a surefire way to feel like you’re in the tropics while sitting in front of a fan in your living room. Taste is one of the frontrunners when it comes to memory makers, and if you’ve got a chewy piece of paradise that’s all you’ll need to travel to that happy place on the beach.


Let’s take a cruise to Old Time Candyland and round up all the refreshingly fruity and exotic flavors to transport you straight to that seaside bungalow!


starburst tropical

If you can’t pick a kiwi out of your hedges, no worries! We’ve got you hooked up with this tropical pack of Starburst! It features all the flavors to take you away, like mango melon, cherry kiwi, and an ice cold Pina Colada to help you loosen up. Throw these in the fridge for a cool treat!

coconut watermelon slices

These colorful little chews feature two great summertime flavors – coconut and watermelon! An unlikely combo, these two create a flavor oasis on your tongue that’s sure to keep you feeling relaxed. Pull up a hammock and don’t forget a bag of these Coconut Watermelon Slices!

tropical bubble tape

For a more consistent chew to keep away the blue, try this tangy tropical Bubble Tape! Nothing says “vacation” like feeling in control of your own life, and with bubble tape you can bite as little or as much as you can chew. No rules! Just party!

skittles tropical

If you’d like to bring a bit of the islands wherever you go, Tropical Skittles are the option for you! You can pop a few in your mouth while waiting in line for a coffee and instantly feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Or maybe someone just spilled their latte. Either way, you’re gonna love the taste of these Skittles.

pineapple now & later

And last but not least, the ultimate tropical fruit – the pineapple! The Now & Laters are the perfect way to have a long lasting snack that keeps you refreshed and ready for a swim. The bite sized squares of this pineapple taffy can last all day if you want them to. Just remember to wear sunscreen!


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