Tootsie Turkeys

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Minimal creativity is needed to create these tasty turkeys! With just a little cutting and gluing it’s the easiest craft in our Thanksgiving series!

Gathering List!

We used silk leaves, but you could easily make this a nature craft with the kids by having them find pretty leaves in the backyard. Just make sure the leaves are dry!


  • We cut a small triangle out of the orange felt for the beak and glued it onto the pointed edge of the Hershey Kiss. 
  • Next cut a wattle out of the red felt and glue over the break.
  • Now time for the eyes! We have an in house craft expert, so she had perfect little black beads to glue above the beak. You could use googly eyes, more felt, construction paper, or anything else!
  • We then glued the kiss to one of the flattest sides of the Tootsie Pop. There is a ridge around the edge of the Tootsie Pop, I’m sure it would work fine,  but I avoided this during glueing.
  • Lastly, we attached the leaf to the opposite side of the Tootsie Pop… Afterall, it would be pretty silly to attach it anywhere else!

This would be really cute to keep the kids busy before and after Thanksgiving dinner. We hope you enjoy!


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