Too Old To Go Trick or Treating?

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Halloween is around the corner, ready to spook us all. But not all of us will be enjoying getting dressed up as our favorite characters or puns, and gallivanting down the cul de sac. Maybe you’re the parent who got stuck passing out candy this year, or your kids are starting to learn that a Butterfinger is not something you just give away. Or maybe you’re a college student who can’t convince your friends that it would be funny, in an ironic way, to go trick or treating even though we all know that really you just don’t want to give it up.

Well, we at think we might have the next best thing. Meet our Pack-A-Bag page. Choose from over 600 retro and classic candies to fill a bag that we ship to you. You can make your decision by decade, flavor, or type. Bags vary in price depending on what kind and how much candy you get. Believe us, you can get A LOT in one bag. Does that sound better than going to house after house only to get mostly off-brand hard candy?  So, after you’re done trying to convince yourself that you might pass as a large child, check out our Pack-A-Bag page and snag up your favorite treats with no one judging you.

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