Thanksgiving Corn

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We can’t let the turkeys have all of the fun this Thanksgiving! Indian Corn is actually called Flint Corn. Each kernel has a hard outer shell to protect the endosperm. It’s said to be as hard as flint, hence the name! Here is a new and more delicious spin on Indian Corn.  These Reese’s Pieces Indian corn are super simple and even more delicious!

  • The base of the corn is a Nutter Butter Cookie
  • A thin layer of frosting is then applied to one side of the cookie.
  • Reese’s Pieces are then lined up to create the kernels. We used 10 for each cookie.
  • After the icing dried we used paper twist ribbon to make the husks. We flattened it out and cut leaves to make them a little more realistic. We secured the husks with a thin hemp cord. The husks keep the crumbs left behind to a minimum. But I have a feeling they won’t last long enough to leave crumbs!

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