Thanksgiving Cookie Gobbler Recipe

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We love getting the chance to be creative with candy this time of year. This post will walk you through how to build your own Thanksgiving Cookie Gobbler. Don’t forget to share your favorite candy creations in the comments section!

Shopping List


  1. Whenever I make anything with a few ingredients, I like to make sure that I have all of the ingredients unwrapped and laid out on the table.
  2. We found that making the tail first gave it a little bit of time to dry before you stood it upright. We laid a fudge cookie (stripe side down) and put a little bit of frosting to ‘glue’ the Reese Cup. Be sure to keep the Reese Cup and Cookie lined up at one edge so that the tail is more sturdy, rather than top heavy.
  3. Put a line of frosting along the outside of the Reese Cup directly on the cookie. Here is where you put the turkey’s feathers. Put 6-7 candy corns into the frosting with the white tip as close to the Reese Cup as possible. Set aside.
  4. Now onto his face! Use the tube of Cookie icing to make the background of his face on the Nutter Butter. Then you can create his face. Use the Halved yellow Jelly Bellys for the beak, the Red Jelly Bellys for the wattle, and the Brown M&M’s for the eyes.
  5. To connect everything lay another fudge striped cookie with the striped side down. Use quite a big strip of frosting to hold it all together. This next step is a little tricky, but not difficult!
  6. First lay the tail upright towards the back of the cookie. Make sure the cookie on the tail is on the base cookie. We don’t want the tail falling off!
  7. Put more frosting on the Reese Cup so that the body can be attached. Then attach the Nutter Butter, face side out, pushed all the way against the Reese Cup.
  8. The last step, put two orange Jelly Bellys in front of the body as feet.

 Tips & Tricks

  • The Betty Crocker Cookie Icing is one of the stiffer icings. This is a great feature as the tail is pretty heavy for a frosting to hold into place. I highly recommend using the Betty Crocker Brand.

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