Summer Candy Crafts for Kids

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With the kids home from school for the summer it can be hard to find fun activities to keep them entertained. Why not try some crafts in the kitchen? 

Baking is a way to bring everyone together, is a great learning opportunity, and is also fun. Plus you’ll have some extra hands to help you clean up the mess. Try these simple treats that are for sure to become yearly summer traditions.


Popsicles are a great way to beat the summer heat. Save some money and create memories with homemade popsicles filled with your child’s favorite gummy candy. After adding the candy, fill the rest of your popsicle mold with Sprite, juice, or lemonade for a new summertime favorite. Stock up on gummies, and learn how to make them.


A simple twist on Sonic’s popular drink, Ocean Water. These drinks are perfect for parties or for a lunchtime surprise. Just throw a Swedish Fish or two into the glass after preparing and top it off with a fun straw. They’ll keep asking for this treat again and again. Buy Swedish Fish, and find the full recipe here.


These cupcakes are perfect for a pool party or a special afternoon snack. To decrease the project time, bake the cupcakes the night before and let the little ones focus on decorating the next day. Mix up the colored gummies for more unique sea turtles or stay true to color, they’re delicious either way. Find Peach Rings, Gum Drops, Spearmint Leaves, and get the recipe.


These treats are too simple, tasty, and fun to not mention again. Let the kids pick out their favorite colors and flavors and make a personalized treat. They’re also perfect to take on the road for any summer travel adventures. Shop Jolly Ranchers, and prepare them.

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