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Customers ask us all the time, what is your favorite? So, we asked our candy ladies. Here’s what they said!

In celebration of our 15th year on the internet, we’ve decided to shed some light on our favorites! Who better to ask than people who work with (and sample) candy every day! Whether it’s the candy we used to enjoy during our trips to the cinema or  our secret diet splurges at the grocery store checkout; we all have our favorite childhood treats.  It looks like some of the more classic candies top the list!


1.  M&M’s ” My favorite candy we carry is M&M‘s. I’m not sure if its the rainbow of colors, the consistency of the product, or the cute commercials. They have remained a favorite in my household and we are ecstatic that the candy gods brought back Crispy!” ~Katie, Customer Service


2. Dots – “ Dots have been a favorite ever since I was a little girl . No, I’m not telling you how long ago that was. I just love the “fun spot” games and trivia on the back. It helps to keep me from eating them before the movie starts at the theater… It doesn’t work very well. Even today the kids try to get me to share.  It doesn’t happen!” ~Debbie, Warehouse



3.  York Peppermint Patty – “York’s are one of my favorite. They melt in your mouth! I love the mixture of dark chocolate and mint. Little fun fact – these can help your upset stomach by calming the muscles. Only in moderation of course!” ~Tiffany, Warehouse



4. Swedish Fish – “I remember Swedish Fish from my day camp days. I used to save my pennies and go to the jar every day to buy them! MMM so soft and chewy!” ~Carrie, Customer Service





Our favorites change from day to day and sometimes multiple times a day. We love our candy! The candy we ate as a kid will always have some effect of what we choose to enjoy today. is extremely happy to have shared our memories with you for 15 years! Keep checking back for more celebration throughout the rest of the year!




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