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Need to buy someone a unique gift but stuck trying to find something fun and memorable? Check out these great gift ideas with a personal touch. 

When you can easily send an email or make a phone call, a handwritten card isn’t always necessary these days when sending someone a gift. So adding a personal touch to any gift can make it extra special. When you purchase a gift at, you can choose to add a handwritten card to your order and take your gift to the next level. And before you even choose what you want the letter to say, you have a ton of unique gift options for anyone and for any occasion. Choose from items like Classic candy jars, Metal Retro Lunch Boxes, Candy Pails, and more. You can then choose between different candy assortments you’d like to include based on who you’re sending the gift to and can even add a retro toy to the gift. 

To spark your imagination, here are a few examples of how customers have personalized their gifts:


Choosing Metal Lunch Boxes with Candy as a gift lets you save time and forget about the wrapping. Just a simple bow and card on top are all you need! Select what candy assortment goes in the lunch box for each person you’re shopping for such as our premium candy assortment, penny candy assortment, or a single bulk candy assortment.




Glass Candy Jars are just like the ones you saw at the candy store as a kid! Pick from multiple candy assortments such as Atomic Fire Balls, Caramel Creams, Zotz, and more. And don’t forget to add the handwritten card! Relive the entire experience of enjoying the Candy you ate as a kid®.



Candy Pails are a simple yet cute option for friends, or even corporate gifts. With this option you don’t have to worry about choosing a candy assortment, we’ve hand-selected an assortment of chocolate no one can resist.

For even more ideas take a look our entire selection of gift options!


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