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You see it on nearly everything, but what does it mean when chocolate is semi sweet? It all starts with the history of chocolate, which began almost 3000 years ago in the tropics of South America.

Originally, chocolate was only dark. The cacao bean was brewed into a bitter tasting drink that was often served at room temperature. During the Mayan and Aztec times, the cacao drink was mixed with a variety of flavors such as vanilla, chili powder, and even alcohol! The drink was used during rituals and medicinally, with more refined versions being consumed exclusively by royalty and high society.


When Cortez came to the americas, he saw the great potential in this bitter drink. Taking it back to Spain, they sweetened up the previously unsweetened concoction with honey and cane sugar. Serving it up hot, they created a sort of hot cocoa that became widely popular through the region.


In the 19th century, they found a way to make the hot drinking chocolate a solid bar. This sold all throughout the world, with plenty of variations – the most popular being milk chocolate. The semi-sweet variety is best used in baking, and is merely a slightly sweetened version of the dark chocolate once enjoyed by Spanish royalty.


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