Remember When: 1951

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Old Time Candy isn’t just a great place to find the candy that you miss. You can also find nostalgia in our Decade Boxes. Filled with candy favorites and the option to by a Remember When booklet, you’ll take a tasty trip down memory lane. Want to learn a little more about what you’ll find in them? Well here’s an introduction to the sweetest time machine out there. Each box can be customized to a certain year.

Let’s start with the year 1951 for example. No matter if this was the year you were born or its the year you first met the love of your life, one of the best ways to go back in time is with a treat.  It was the age of soda fountains and the birth of Rock n’ Roll. Many watched “Whats My Line?” and “I Love Lucy” in black and white while enjoying dinner. Or you went to the movies to watch A Streetcar Named Desire. During Halloween you may have gotten Tootsie Rolls , Chiclets or, if you were lucky, a couple of Butterfingers. But you would be careful not to get any chocolate on your Hopalong Cassidy watch. If you were old enough to buy a car, the average cost of a new one was $1,500. Which you would have filled up with gas costing around a whopping 19 cents a gallon. All these memories, just one box.

Candies you might find in our Decade box for 1950’s (depends on candy availability):
Atomic Fire Balls, BB Bats, Bit-O-Honey, Black Jack Taffy, Boston Baked Beans, Bubble Gum Cigar, Maple Bun, Butterfingers, Candy Buttons on paper tape, Candy Cigarettes, Candy Necklace, Caramel Creams (Bull’s Eyes), Charleston Chew, Charms Assorted Squares, Cherry Mash, Chick-o-Stick, Chiclets, Chuckles, Chunky, Cinnamon Disks, Clark Bar, Dots, Dubble Bubble Gum, Fizzies Drink Tablets, Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, Good & Plenty, Heath Bar, Honeycombed Peanuts, Ice Blue Mint Coolers, Indian Brand Pumpkin Seeds, Jawbreakers, Jelly Nougats, Junior Mints, Kits Taffy, Life Savers, Marshmallow Ice Cream Cone, Milk Duds, Necco Wafers, Pay Day, Peanut Butter Bars, Planter’s Peanut Bar, Red Hots, Root Beer Barrels, Saf-T-Pops, Sen Sen, Sky Bar, Smarties, Smith Brothers Cough Drops, Peppermint Stick, Sugar Daddy, Teaberry Gum, Tootsie Pops, Tootsie Roll, Walnettos, Wax Bottles (Nik-L-Nips), Wax Lips, Zagnut and Zero Bar.

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