Raven’s Revenge is back!

Raven’s Revenge is back!

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The 90’s candy Raven’s Revenge has returned!

The scientist’s over at Nifty Candy have gone back to their laboratories and have reinvented this Pixy Stix-like candy. It still comes in the little plastic test tubes! Whether we thought we were mad scientists eating from the vial or we just loved the colors it turned our mouths, these have been on every 90’s kids dream list.

Each tube consists of flavored sugar and little “booster crystals” that make Raven’s Revenge just that much better. We think the flavor names make them even tastier!

  • Anarchy (Black & Yellow) – Sour Black Cherry Lemonade
  • Avenged Revenge (Purple & White) – Cherry Regal Crown
  • Double Immunity (Blue & White) – Tangy Tart Apple Fruit Punch
  • Rave (Red, White, and & Orange) – Cherry, Tart Apple, Tangerine
  • Raven’s Fury (Red & Yellow) – Double Mango Chili
  • Sweet Revenge (Blue & Green) – Green Apple Fruit Punch

The jury is still out as to where Raven’s Revenge was the most popular. From what we can find online it was more popular on the west coast of the US. Although the east coast kids remember it too! It disappeared for a few years and nobody really knows why.

The company that is now making them is in California. Nifty Candy is family operated and has been making great candy products for almost 20 years!




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