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Everyone knows that Pez dispensers are one of the most collectible candy memorabilia on the market. They come in all shapes and sizes, depicting celebrities, movie stars, even just iconic objects. Some dispensers are even worth thousands of dollars and people spend their lives trying to track them down!



With collectible items, it’s always hard to tell which edition all the hubbub will be over. Is it the Hello Kitty? The Baseball? After all, we thought we had Beanie Babies figured out…and even the “rarer” ones weren’t worth nearly as much as we thought! What makes an item truly collectible?


Join us for this post where we take a look at the most collectible Pez dispensers. Maybe taking this peek at the past will give us some insight for any future collections! If anything, it’ll at least be fun to look at, and who knows! Maybe you have one of these guys sitting around in your attic!




This 1982 World’s Fair astronaut dispenser was recently sold on eBay for $32,000! With good reason – there are only two variations in the world. The other colorway is a white astronaut with a bright green body. Have you seen that laying around in your basement?


This 1955 Santa pez dispenser was one of the first “character” dispensers that Pez produced. Not visible in this photo, the original design has a round body which sets it apart from the usual rectangular dispensers. That also makes it more valuable!


Mickey Mouse seems like he’d be a pretty common character, but this variation featured a soft plastic head. Apparently this was a prototype, and experts say there’s only one in existence. Sources say it has been purchased for $7000!



This unique set featured a Mr. Potato Head type character that included various facial features you could mix and match. You can see that this model was made before Pez started putting little feet on the base of the dispenser to help it stand upright! Make-a-Face was eventually recalled due to safety reasons. All those small parts could get mistaken for a pez!



And last but not least, one of the original pez dispensers. This was before they decided to market these as collector’s items, and shaped it like a Bic lighter! Even so, this simple pez box will snatch you a pretty penny if you happen to have it holed up in your hope chest.


Got any cool dispensers you’d like to share? Write us below! And don’t worry if you’re fresh out – we have plenty of Pez and Pez Dispensers in our shop!

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