8 New Candies Everyone Should Try In The New Year

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A new year calls for new candy!

We love the start of the new year for a few reasons…

First, it’s a great chance to make a New Year’s resolution that will sweeten up your life. Second, it means we get to kick off another year of sharing candy stories and even sweeter treats with all you candy lovers. And finally, it gives us a chance to load up on new candy that we’ve never carried before!

I like to make an emphasis on that final point because who doesn’t love trying new candy?! We all have our personal favorites, but there’s something about sinking your teeth into a new sweet treat that is exciting and invigorating, just like the start of a new year!

We did some serious searching last year and found a few treats that we thought you, our candy nation, would like to get your hands on this new year. So without further ado, here are 8 new candies, hot on the Old Time Candy aisles, that you need to check out this year! 

1. Jelly Fruit Rings

The jelly fruit ring is a classic convenience store candy. No matter where you live in the country, you’re bound to find a pack of them located right next to the checkout counter, placed perfectly in your view. I can remember wrapping different flavors of rings around each of my fingers, eating them one by one until the entire bag was gone as a kid—and best believe I’m doing it as an adult too.  

If you’re in the mood to stack some jelly rings on your fingers, grab yourself a pack by clicking right here

2. Juicy Drop Dip N Sticks

Every 90s kid remembers Juicy Drop Pops, right? Those little suckers combined hard candy with a liquid goo that coated every square inch of the sweet treat. Chances are if you convinced your mom to get you one, she was going to have a fit when you spilled the juice all over the car floor. 

Now Juicy Drop is back with their newest product, Juicy Drop Dip N Sticks! It takes everything you liked about the original and makes it easier to eat with gummy strings you can dunk right into a vat of flavored, sugary sauce. Who doesn’t want a taste of that? 

Grab yourself a few by tapping right here

3. Reese with Potato Chips

Everyone knows that sweet and salty is the best combination in the world. Just look at Mr. Goodbar, Snickers, and of course, Reese’s. 

This year, Reese’s decided to take it up another level by packing their peanut buttery treat with a load of its original PB intermixed with crispy potato chips. Yes, you read that correctly, potato chips! 

It’s basically the ultimate sweet and salty snack for those of you who love to keep one hand in the chip bag and one on your Reese’s at all times. 

If that got your taste buds tingling, grab some for yourself right now

4. Twizzler Nibs Cherry & Black

Twizzler reigns supreme when it comes to licorice innovation. From the original Strawberry recipe to the Cherry Pull N’ Peel—a personal favorite—they’ve even gone as wild as Sweet N’ Sour licorice that blends Citrus with Cherry.

This year, they decided to make it the easiest (and possibly the cutest) on-the-go snack in the candy game by downsizing—literally! Introducing Regular and Black Cherry Twizzler Nibs!

It’s everything you love about a classic Twizzler stuffed into a tiny morsel of sweetness that packs a powerful and sugary punch. Top your favorite dessert with them, stuff a few in your pockets for a snack, heck, practice catching them in your mouth if you want, these little guys are the perfect treat for any time of day.

Treat yourself to some by tapping right here.

5. Bob Ross Palette

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Bob Ross painted the inside of your mouth? Neither had I until I stumbled across this incredibly creative candy.

The Bob Ross Palette is unlike any other candy we carry for one reason—it’s approved by quite possibly the sweetest man to ever live! The man lived and breathed sweetness and what better way to walk in the footsteps than to paint your tongue with some sugary paint! 

Similar to Fun Dip, the Bob Ross Palette has 3 sweet flavors (Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, and Green Apple) along with a sugary paintbrush so you can get creative with your candy canvas. 

Grab one for the artist in your family right here

6New PEZ Dispensers

Is there anything more nostalgic than the PEZ Dispenser? No matter what you were into as a kid, there was always a PEZ with your favorite movie character, superhero, or Disney princess. And right on queue, PEZ delivers again this year with some new characters that everyone is a fan of. 

From Scooby-Doo to the Best of Pixar and Disney, even DC Comics, we’ve got the latest and greatest from PEZ ready for your tasting.

Check out our entire collection of PEZ Dispensers right now by clicking right here.

7. Smith Brothers Cough Drops

With winter in full swing, the sore throat season is following close behind. While you could grab some basic cough drops from the Pharmacy, they won’t stand a chance compared to the Smith Brother’s recipe that’s lasted over 170 years! 

These two brothers have combated the everyday winter chills with their iconic cough drop since 1852. With flavors ranging from Black Licorice to Honey Lemon, and Wild Cherry, your throat deserves to be treated with some sweetness during the winter months and what better way to do it than with a few cough drops.

Stuff your pockets with some right now by snatching a few from our candy aisles.

Make 2022 the sweetest year ever!

2022 is going to be an exciting year filled with tons of tasty candy and even better memories. Start the year off right by treating your sweet tooth to some of your favorite treats. All you have to do is venture down our digital aisles and you’re bound to find something you love.

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