National Hammock Day!

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Somewhere in the later half of July – the 22nd to be exact – there lives a day of calm, relaxation, and renewal. That day is Hammock Day!


Holidays generally call for a day of rest, but they seldom end up that way. With all the planning, cooking, and general chaos that comes with a family gathering, it’s often difficult to really honor the holiday for what it is. That rule doesn’t quite apply to Hammock Day.


July 22nd is essentially a vacation from a vacation. In the midst of summertime, life can start to lose its luster. The heat makes days crawl, and if you’re one of the many who have to work through summer, it can be hard to remember what the season is really about.


Take some time to yourself this Hammock Day. Even if you don’t have a sweet hammock to lounge in, you can make a cool drink, kick your feet up, and let all your troubles melt away for a day. It’s the perfect excuse to take things a little slow. Don’t get caught up in any small stuff! Just take advantage of these long summer days and make sure you can get some you-time.


As a reminder to take things easy, why don’t you pick up some long lasting tootsie pops? Maybe you’ll be able to make it through without chomping down after one…two…three…CRUNCH! Give it a shot! After all, it’s Hammock Day.



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