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Before the lemon-lime soda fizzed to popularity, there was a magical chocolate bar called Seven Up. In the 1930’s Pearson’s Candy Company created a candy bar that had seven “pillowed” squares in a row. Each one had a different mouth-watering flavor. Kinda like life, this bar was like a box of chocolates, except it was all rolled into one neat dark chocolate package. Depending on availability the flavors consisted of brazil nut, buttercream, butterscotch, caramel, cherry, coconut, fudge, mint, nougat and orange. Each bite was like a whole new candy bar filled with another sweet surprise. Sadly the high manufacturing costs caught up with them. And when the American Bottling Company put pressure on the trademark name, it seemed like the best thing to do was retire the adventurous treat in 1979.

Well it looks like fans of the pillowy goodness can keep their chin’s up thanks to Necco. They thankfully have a candy bar named Sky Bar which they introduced to the world with a sky-writing campaign in 1937. Take that Twitter and your lame 140 characters. Now this milk chocolate bar has only four different centers. So Seven Up lovers will have to learn to love less. But at least you can still enjoy the excitement of biting into a different flavor as you taste the sweet memories.

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I absolutely loved the 7 up bars, but I thought there was a jelly like piece. They were the absolute best candy bar. Especially with dark chocolate.


Where are the Sky bars sold?

Terri Henkes

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