Miss This? Try This: Chicken Bones (US Version)

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It may not sound like a tasty treat but Chicken Bones is a chicken-less candy made for those who like a bit of crunch. Originally the poultry inspired product was created in 1938 by the Atkinson Candy Company in Lufkin, Texas. You can spot the company by the giant Lone Star on it’s packaging. Chicken Bones are made by creating a honeycombed shell, filling it with peanut butter, and rolling it in toasted coconut. The problems started when a Canadian company created its own version of Chicken Bones, which uses a cinnamon hard candy and a chocolate filling.

As you can tell, things got a little confusing. Even though, in my personal opinion, the Texas Chicken Bones looks more like our feathered friend’s bones, the name went to the Cinnamon candy in 1955. The Texas company renamed the candy Chick-o-Sticks. It still clucks at it’s original name while giving it a possibly more appetizing sound.  You might find some knock-off bones around the web, but we feel Chick-o-sticks are your best bet for feeding your cravings.  Want to know what can cure some of your other candy cravings? Leave a comment on here or on our facebook page to tell us what we should feature next time on Miss This? Try This!


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