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Back in the day, there was a delicious cherry candy called a Candy Lipstick. It was bright red, and promised to make your lips match!


Sometimes the color got a little out of hand… And on your hands. And face. And clothes. Part of the appeal, right? The novelty lasted for quite a while, until Candy Lipstick was eventually discontinued.


Although they won’t give you a makeover, Cherry Flipsticks are amazingly similar to the cosmetic candy! The name is eerily similar, and the packaging looks just like an old lipstick tube. Compare the two here:


Flipsticks, the less mess version of the old favorite.


And its old candy lipstick counterpart!


Close as can be, you can satisfy your Candy Lipstick craving with the yummy Cherry Flipstick. Enjoy!

Do these lipstick candies taste sweet and almost perfuming smell! I so remember them but had a gold foil wrapper?


Where can I order some of these? I miss them!!

Denise Jordan

This was my favorite candy I can’t find this anywhere


Lipstick me a lipstick candy Please. Why would you take the best old fashion candy away.


Where can I buy these?

Kathy Hafliger

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