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When I was younger my parents always made sure we started with our stockings before heading to the glistening boxes under the tree. Each family member had a special treat that they would get every year no matter what. My mother would get a Chocolate Orange,  my grandma would get Caramel Creams, and I would get a tree shaped Reese’s Cup. Even though it was expected every year we would all giggle once finding the treat at the tip of the stocking. While it was a small part of the holiday, it just wouldn’t feel like the season without our candy traditions. Sure the presents under the tree are headliners of Christmas morning, but we have some ways to make your loved one’s stockings just as memorable.


Treat them

Is there a special candy that your loved one craves yet they never treat themselves to? My grandma would rarely buy herself something, unless she really needed it. This made putting her favorite candy in her stocking one of our favorite activities. It was really special to her that we always remembered her favorite candy. This idea is even better when their favorite candy is hard to find, like candies from our Miss This Try This posts. Look through our website and see if you can find your loved one’s favorite forgotten candies and surprise them when one of the best gifts ever.


Funny stories

Is there a candy that represents a funny memory with the stocking owner? My mom’s mother would always put an orange in her stocking every year. The thing is, my mother doesn’t like oranges. Yet every Christmas she received the unwanted fruit. She told my father this, and he took it upon himself to continue the tradition but with a special twist. Even though she hated the fruit, she oddly enjoys the flavor of orange. So he put a Chocolate Orange in her stocking instead. Every year she would laugh and remember her childhood.


Limited Edition

I don’t know why but the tree shaped Reese’s cup is extra special to me. Maybe its because there’s a great peanut butter to chocolate ratio. Do you have a family member who loves a limited release holiday treat like A Christmas Story Fudge or Andes Peppermint Crunch Thins? Make sure that every Christmas this treat is in their stocking. This is always an important part of my holiday. You gotta stock up on your favorites before they go away. So, I am always appreciative that Santa helps my inventory each year.


Hope these help fill your family’s stockings this season and each following year. Is there a candy your family already has a tradition with? Tell us below or on our Facebook.

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