Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Treats

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Every year, Thanksgiving brings families together in the kitchen. Grandma makes her pie, Dad makes his mouthwatering turkey, Mom makes sweet potatoes good enough to be dessert, and various aunts and uncles bring dishes that look slightly like themselves. As a child, I always wanted to help out but knew the kitchen was a high traffic area of tensions and sizzling goodness. This year, why not have a station where the kids can make treats for everyone that won’t clog up the kitchen?  Here’s a list a fun sweets that children, or adults who have been banned from the stove, can easily make for an after dinner snack. Or as an appetizer if no one is looking.  Try these or the other recipes posted on our blog!


Nutter Butter and Hershey Kiss Acorns


These cute cookies are great for decorating a cake or snacking like a squirrel. Just take some Hershey Kisses, Mini Nutterbutters, and mini chocolate chips. You can put them together using melted chocolate or peanut butter. Yum!

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Sugar Cornucopia


While these might require an adult for a small bit to curl the tip of the cone, this treat is great for kids. Have them fill the cornucopias for each of the family members. Use easy snacking treats like Reeses Pieces, M&Ms, Candy Corn, Goobers, Chick-O-Stick Nuggets, and Caramel. Place each family member’s cornucopia in front of their seat so that way they’ll get a surprise when they sit down.


Surprise Turkey Legs


Make sure everyone gets a leg! Another fun way to have the kids serve dessert is to have them make turkey legs filled with your family’s favorite candy. The example has the legs filled with Hershey Kisses and Hershey’s miniatures but you can fill them with almost anything. Check out our Bulk Candy selection to see what your family would enjoy most. Depending on the age of the kids, you might need an adult to help with scissors.


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