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Have you ever tried international chocolate candy?

We were craving some chocolate, but not just any kind of chocolate—international chocolate!

So we scoured our archives searching for the best pieces of international chocolate that we have on the shelves and found 5 that you should get your hands on if you’re a fan of the good stuff.

5 international candies that you should try

Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffle

Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles 

When Rodolphe Lindt and his brother August bought two Swedish, fire-damaged factories and a few pieces of old confectionery machinery in 1879, they had no idea what they were about to discover.

At the time, chocolate was rather bitter in taste, and nobody had yet mastered a way to make it more appealing to the pallet. That was until August suggested that they harvest the extra liquid from the chocolate paste that would normally crystallize, and turn it into a flavor-packed “melting chocolate”.

This was done through a process known as “conching” in which the chocolate is heated over 160 F to allow the lactose crystals to transition into amorphous lactose. This in turn yielded the silky, smooth, and rich milk chocolate that could be filled inside the famous Lindt chocolate shells.

One could argue that without the help of the Lindt brothers, milk chocolate might have tasted a little different than it does today, so for that we thank them! And if you really want to say thank you the sweet way, grab some Lindt Milk Chocolates right here.

Cadbury Caramello Candy Bar

Cadbury Caramello

As the second-largest confectionery brand in the world, Cadbury has been making sweets since 1824. The founder, John Cadbury, originally sold tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate (hot chocolate) in Birmingham, UK. In 1905 they invented the first Dairy Milk Bar and by the time his sons took over the family business in 1914, milk chocolate had become the most popular item they offered.

Over the next 100 years, the Cadbury clan expanded their chocolate empire beyond Buckinghamshire and across all of Europe. Their milk chocolate was loved by everyone, including British soldiers who ate it during both WWI and WWII.

It was between these two wars that Cadbury sent packages of test chocolate to school children, asking for their opinions—one of which was Roald Dahl, the writer of the famous novel Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Today, Cadbury holds one of the most elite collections of chocolate confections on the planet, flaunting classics like the original Dairy Milk and Dark Chocolate, along with the iconic Cadbury Caramello.

Originally named Caramilk, this sweet treat was created in 1968 by combining milk chocolate with a smooth caramel center. This would be one of many flavors created by Cadbury during this time including dark chocolate, maple, and cappuccino.

You can give the original Cadbury Caramello a try right here.

Curly Wurly Candy Bar 

Cadbury Curly Wurly

Speaking of Cadbury, we couldn’t ignore another classic chocolate treat that they offer. The Cadbury CurlyWurly was created just two years after the Caramello when long-time confectionery research developer David John Parfitt was experimenting with toffee from another project.

He thought to himself, “imagine if you could take serpentine strings (overlapping pattern) of chocolate and caramel, and interweave them in such a way that it would send your taste buds into a spiral?”

After some testing and further research, he found that hardened caramel was the perfect component to create the visual aesthetic he was looking for in such a candy bar. With a recipe in hand, it was time to start crafting their iconic Curly Wurly packaging.

As you can see, Curly Wurly has seen some eye-popping wrappers cover their product and people continue to snack on the treat when their caramel cravings come calling. If that’s you right now, go grab a few Curly Wurly bars for yourself right here.

Skor Candy Bar


Do you love toffee and chocolate? Then you are going to be obsessed with the Skor Bar! Produced by the American staple, Hershey’s, Skor was heavily marketed in Canada upon release in 1983. The name refers to the Swedish term meaning, “shoes”, and the crown that appears in the product's logo is identical to that found in the Swedish national emblem.

Did you say, “shoes?” Yes, we don't really understand this either.

Nonetheless, this candy bar consists of a thin and flavorful toffee center that is wrapped in milk chocolate and was created to rival the popular Heath bar at the time, which was made by Hershey's competitor, Leaf Candy Company.

In 1996, Hershey bought Leaf Candy Company and the rights to Heath bars, which they continued to produce in tandem with Skor. Today, Skor is still a widely popular chocolate candy bar across the United States and Canada, selling millions of bars every single year.

You can snag yourself a Skor right here if your sweet tooth is calling for one.

Toblerone Candy Bar


We’ve all been in a candy shop or grocery store and stumbled upon the great geometrical phenomenon that is the Toblerone packaging. While most of us have seen, few know how this Swedish treat came to be.

It was started in 1908 by Emil Baumann & Theodor Tobler who wanted to create a candy consisting of milk chocolate, nougat, almonds, and honey. After mixing together the perfect combination of ingredients, their focus shifted to the presentation and packaging.

Many tried and true Toblerone fans think the idea came from Theodor’s love for the Swiss Alps and this was his attempt at recreating them on his candy. The truth was that Theodor wanted something that emulated the shapes of Folies Bergères dancers at the finale of a show, which he loved dearly.

Once he had his shape and packaging ready, Toblerone hit the shelves 1909 and has been a massive hit across all of Europe and in the U.S. ever since.

One thing most people don’t know about Toblerone is that The interior of the Tobler factory in Switzerland was the location where the title sequence of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory was filmed—pretty sweet, right?!

Your international sweeth tooth is calling!

There you have it, 5 international chocolate candies that you need to get your hands on if you’re a lover of all things cocoa. Speaking of cocoa, did you know that we have all your favorite chocolate treats tucked into our digital aisles?

Do yourself and your sweet tooth a favor and take a look at all the sweet treats we can ship straight to your front door!

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