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Do you have a lot of sweet-tooths on your nice list? As much as they would love getting a bag of candy, it’s not too exciting. Show the candy craver in your life how much they mean to you by making their gift a little more fun for the holiday season. Or maybe you need some ideas for great inexpensive gifts for coworkers, teachers, and friends.  Here are five ways we found to make giving, just as fun as receiving.  Click the links for full tutorials and pictures.


Santa’s Sleigh      

Find instructions here!


The sweetest transportation for a simple gift. Some might even like it as a decoration! All you need is ribbon, a bow, a KitKat Bar, Hershey’s Miniatures, Candy Canes, and glue. Its quick, simple and even the kids can help make it. Add a Chocolate Santa for even more fun.


Popcorn Bucket



Find instructions here!

Perfect for any movie goer and for multiple holidays. Grab some theater sized treats like Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Raisinets, or Sno-Caps and put them in a popcorn bucket. Throw in some bags of popcorn and soda for a great gift basket. Depending on your budget you can buy a movie or tickets to their favorite movie theater.


Candy Filled Ornaments

Candy-filled Ornaments


Find instructions here: )

This gift can be a sweet decoration or a cool container to give a treat in. Fill glass or clear plastic ornaments with candy. Make sure to choose the right container for the right recipient. Plastic is much better for tinier hands. In the example, they used Frosty Nerds. You could also fill ornaments with crushed Candy Canes,  M&Ms,  Sprinkles,  Juju Christmas Bells, and Sixlets.


Candy Trees

Find instructions here: )

Give your friends lots of kisses in a tree, safely, with this cute craft. All you need is green and brown paper, ribbon,  Hershey’s Kisses, and Hershey’s Miniatures.  Perfect for those who are a little more crafty and want their gifts to have an impressive presentation.


If you try any of the delicious gifts above take a picture and show us Facebook!


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