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Former Necco CEO Al Gulachenski needs your help to #SaveNECCO

Last month, The New England Confectionery Company (Necco) announced the possibility that the company would close its doors forever if they cannot find an interested buyer to take over. The Boston Globe was the first to publish the story along with an announcement from the current Necco CEO, Michale McGee, saying that the company would most likely be shutting down in 60 days.

Since the announcement, Necco Wafer sales have been through the roof but it’s still not clear if the recent boost in sales, and support from fans will be enough to save the company. The former CEO, Al Gulachenski, has also gotten involved and is asking for your help to #SaveNECCO in an online campaign.

Gulachenski believes that while the company is facing some challenges, they are solvable. He has started a GoFundMe page to try to raise enough money to be able to take over the company and bring Necco back to its glory days. The page has a $20 million goal and donations have been pouring in. On the GoFundMe page Al says.


“We are willing to dedicate ourselves to saving this historic piece of USA and Boston Heritage and preserve the art of candy making and manufacturing jobs in Massachusetts. We did it before with your help we will do it again so that the company will last another 100 years.”


Necco produces a lot of candy so if the company does shut down, a lot of other old-time favorites such as Sweethearts, Mary Janes, and Candy Buttons will cease to exist. It would be a sad day in candy history as well. Necco was started in 1847 when Oliver Chase of Boston patented the first American candy machine, a lozenge cutter. This marked the founding of the nation’s candy industry and the beginning of commercial candy manufacturing. Shortly after, Oliver and his brother, Silas, founded Chase and Company, the original member of the Necco family.

Without your support, the dry yet mouthwatering candy (and many others) loved for generations could soon be gone forever.

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