Happy Memorial Day!

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Everyone loves a three day weekend, but do you know all the details behind the Memorial holiday?


Memorial Day is a day for remembering those lost in battle, and the earliest memorial observances can be seen as far back as the 1860s! The last Monday in May became officially recognized as a federal holiday in 1971, but was originally called “Decoration Day” and celebrated on the 30th. Congress changed the day to Monday in order to give federal employees a three day weekend!


Originally intended to honor those lost in the Civil War, Memorial Day started gaining more observers once the first World War began. Today, Memorial Day is marked by parades and celebrations throughout the United States honoring veterans and fallen soldiers. On a lighter note, Memorial Day is also recognized as the unofficial first day of summer!


This Monday, celebrate Memorial Day with your friends and family! Pick up a USA Retro Candy Pail or some Gummi Stars in red, white, and blue to remember those who have fought hard for our country. Stay safe, and enjoy the summertime!

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