Try These Sweet & Spooky Halloween Party Ideas!

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So you’re hosting a Halloween party…

This might be your first one or you might be the seasoned veteran who’s been celebrating the spookiest night of the year in style for decades.

Whatever the circumstances might be, you’re reading this because you need a few helpful tips to spook up your Halloween party and make it that much better.

Lucky for you, we like to consider ourselves experts on all things Halloween including candy consumption and party throwing. So without further ado, here are three easy ways to make your Halloween party the best one on the block this year.

Vintage Halloween Party 1950s

What snacks should you have at your Halloween party?

Here’s the thing, everyone’s taste buds crave different candies. Some folks love chocolate, others crave sour sweets, and we all know someone who only eats peanut butter candy. That’s why covering all of your bases for this party is important—starting with chocolate.

As one of the most popular Halloween candy choices, there are a few chocolate staples that you should have if you are hosting. The first is Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin. This is a party classic and perfect for those folks we just talked about who are obsessed with peanut butter.

The second is Hershey’s Miniature Bag. Inclusivity is important so stocking up on a pack of all the best Hershey's chocolates is the best way to ensure that each party-goer finds one chocolate treat they like on your table.

Now let's talk about sour candy…

While many might think that sour candy is exclusive to children, we’ll be the first to tell you there are plenty of adults out there who love sour candy.

To guarantee those people get their sweet tooth satisfied you’re going to want to grab three sour candies in this order: Sour Patch Kids Zombies, Sour Punch Spooky Straws, and Sour Jelly Pumpkins. This combination of sour snacks will send those candy cravers straight into a sugar coma and make your party the talk of the town for weeks to come.

Did you think we forgot about other classic candies?

The last types of candy to round out your Halloween party are gummi and hard candy. Whether it be the sour gummi worms we all grew up eating or iconic Halloween treats like candy corn, these are the treats that bring back the nostalgia from most people’s childhoods.

Start with stocking up on a few packs of classic Candy Corn and Autumn Mix to fill the bowls sitting around your party.

Then grab some Oozing Eyeballs and Twizzler Twists to round out the gummi side of your party and now you’re set to serve sweets!

Vintage Halloween Party

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What activities should you do at your Halloween party?

This portion of the night is entirely up to you and what you think your ghostly guests will enjoy the most. We like to suggest a combination of engaging games that the entire group can participate in as well as some smaller, more low-key activities that people can do in their leisure time.

One of our personal favorites is a caramel apple bar. This is a great activity for those people who want to sit and relax and simply relish in all the sweet treats. Grab some of your favorite caramel apple toppings like nuts, sprinkles, and some candy from our digital aisles, and let people go wild with their own caramel apple creations. You’ll be shocked at some of the ideas people come up with.

If caramel apples aren’t your thing, there are a few other activities that will spook your party into having a silly good time.

Start with a pumpkin ring toss—this is like horseshoes but with pumpkins instead of iron hooves. It’s simple, all you have to do is toss rings over the top of pumpkins and land it on the stem. Play until one team lands it 10 times and make the losing eat a handful of candy corn.

Once you’ve tossed a few rings, gather around for a mummy sack race. Similar to the sack races from school days, this race consists of wrapping your partner in a layer of toilet paper and sending them around the pumpkin patch hoping they come back first.

Since this will likely be in your backyard or house, be sure to cover the sharp corners to keep folks safe, and make sure you have a sweet prize, like a 2lb Halloween Decade Box, for the winners.

After the major movement activities are done, it’s time to turn up the Halloween Trivia. This is always a smash hit at parties and will get all attendees involved, especially if you have a great set of questions. We did some looking and found this epic 75-question Horror Movie Trivia (for kids and adults) that will spawn some Halloween childhood memories for everyone who plays. Give it a try!

Halloween Party For Army (Miami FL)

What music and movies should you play at your Halloween Party?

It’s not a real Halloween Party without some spooktacular tunes and scary movies!

So while your party is in full swing, make sure you tune your party into a Halloween playlist that encourages singing and dancing. We found this Halloween Classics Playlist with all the songs you’ll need to throw a terrifyingly-fun party.

While that’s going on, turn on a Halloween movie that everyone knows and loves to really set the tone for the night. We suggest starting with the iconic, It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, then transitioning to  Hocus Pocus, and finishing the evening strong with The Nightmare Before Christmas.

If those Halloween movies don’t fit the vibe you are looking for, check out this list of the Best Halloween Movies of all time and you’ll be sure to find something that will spook you and your party.

Get ready for a sweet and scary night you’ll never forget.

There you have it, everything you need to throw one of the spookiest and sweetest Halloween parties your neighborhood, workplace, or family has ever been to!

Don’t forget to get creative with your costume and enjoy a few sweet treats for yourself while throwing this gathering of ghouls!

And if you need to stock up on sweets for this party, grab everything you need in our digital aisles right here.

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