Grow your own Candy Canes – 8 Days of “Crafts-mas”

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Learn how to grown your own Candy Canes! What a fun way to enjoy the magic of Christmas. 


Flower Pot

Potting Soil

Mint Ball Seed

Super Top Secret Peppermint Stick

Super Top Secret Candy Cane



  1. Fill a flower pot with potting soil.
  2. Have your favorite child or children plant a mint ball “seed” just below the surface of the soil.
  3. If desired have them water the mint ball. Afterall, whenever you plant something it needs water!!
  4. While your little one is away or sleeping, exchange the mint ball for the peppermint stick.
  5. Help it to “grow” a little each day!
  6. On the final day, exchange the peppermint stick with the candy cane.
  7. Sit back and enjoy their amazement!

candy-cane-flower-pot1 candy-cane-flower-pot2 candy-cane-flower-pot3 candy-cane-flower-pot4



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