Give a Sweet Thank You

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Make sure your clients and employees know how much they’re appreciated.

There are many different reasons to send corporate gifts to your clients or employees that can have a lasting positive impact. Say thank you to a loyal client, send gifts to prospective clients, announce a new product or service, celebrate an employee birthday, or even send holiday gifts to the entire company. No matter the reason or the occasion, our Decade Gift Boxes are the perfect option. Who can say no to something sweet that brings back memories from their childhood? Personalize the box top for any gift and make sure the person receiving it feels it was made just for them. They’ll not only be left smiling from the thoughtful gesture, but from all of the memories they are able to relive as they enjoy the candy. Take a look at the following example a Decade Gift Box corporate gift and decide if they’re right for your business. Here at we make it easy to send a gift that’s unique, personalized, and unforgettable.





Personalizing your box top is easy and there’s no reason to feel intimidated. Just prepare your artwork with your logo and message, then send it over to us. We then print it on a heavy card stock and cleanly attach it to your candy box. Additionally, we have dozens of pre-designed templates, one for just about any occasion. Check out our corporate gifts page for pricing and further order information. You’re on your way to sending some awesome and unique corporate gifts. 

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