What is your favorite Halloween candy of all time? 

I’m not talking about your top three or favorite five, I’m talking about your number one—the most coveted candy you can get on Halloween? The sweet treat that makes you break open the wrapper and eat it right away. 

For me it was the Reese’s Pumpkin—there’s just something about that peanut butter to chocolate ratio in the Reese’s special edition shapes that makes them better. My sister on the other hand, was absolutely obsessed with Starburst, so much so that she would sort each individual piece by color and keep them in separate plastic bags for consumption. 

While I liked to make fun of her meticulous process, I will give her credit, it was tough to beat a handful of only pink Starburst.

Last week I took it upon myself to get a few sleeves of Starburst and sort them according to color in honor of her October birthday. When I arrived at her house and presented my gift to her, she was immediately ecstatic as if she had seen a friendly ghost from childhood’s past.

Her boyfriend on the other hand, scoffed at her Starburst obsession, stating, “I’m not sure why you like those, when Lemonheads are so much better!” 

My sister gave him a sinister stare followed by a quick, “you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re from Louisiana! If you’re from Michigan, you definitely like Starburst.” I reinforced her statement, knowing full well I had no evidence to support her argument.

While we bantered back and forth over which one was better the question arose from the group, “what actually is the most popular Halloween candy for Michiganders? What about Louisiana folk?”

Like any good candy journalist, I did some looking, and to my surprise, there are other people out there who are just as obsessed with finding out what candy their state loves. 

If you’re wondering what your state says, here’s your chance to find out. Check out all 50 states' favorite Halloween Candy right here... 

Alabama - Starburst  

Alaska - Sour Patch Kids 

Arizona - Hot Tamales 

Arkansas - Jolly Ranchers

California - Reese’s Cups

Colorado - Hershey Kisses

Connecticut - Almond Joy 

Delaware - Skittles

Florida - Reese’s Cups

Georgia - Swedish Fish 

Hawaii - Hershey’s Mini Bars

Idaho - Starburst

Illinois - Sour Patch Kids

Indiana - Starburst

Iowa - M&M’s

Kansas - Reese’s Cups

Kentucky - Reese’s Cups

Louisiana - Lemonheads 

Maine - Sour Patch Kids 

Maryland - Hershey Kisses

Massachusetts - Sour Patch Kids

Michigan - Starburst 

Minnesota - Tootsie Pops

Mississippi - 3 Musketeers

Missouri - Milky Way 

Montana - Dubble Bubble Gum

Nebraska - Sour Patch Kids

Nevada - Hershey Kisses

New Hampshire - M&M’s

New Jersey - M&M’s

New Mexico - Jolly Ranchers

New York - Sour Patch Kids

North Carolina - Reese’s Cups

North Dakota - Hot Tamales

Ohio - Blow Pops

Oklahoma - Skittles

Oregon - M&M’s 

Pennsylvania - Hershey’s Mini Bars

Rhode Island - Twix

South Carolina - Butterfinger

South Dakota - Starburst

Tennessee - Tootsie Pops

Texas - Starburst

Utah - Tootsie Pops

Vermont - Skittles

Virginia - Hot Tamales

Washington - Tootsie Pops

West Virginia - Hershey’s Mini Bars

Wisconsin - Butterfinger

Wyoming - Reese’s Cups

There it is—all 50 states' favorite Halloween Candy. What does your state crave the most on All Hallows Eve? 

If you’re craving some of these sweet treats, go ahead and grab them from our aisles now before the scariest night of the year comes.


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