Father’s Day is June 21st

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This year Father’s Day happens to fall in line with another celebration – Summer Solstice! The solstice is the first official day of summer according to scientists. They measure the distance of the sun in relation to the equator, and when it’s the farthest north it can go, we have reached summer!


While we anticipate the sun rising high into the sky, we can remember the other star in our life: Dad! What better way to ring in the new season than to celebrate the guy who raised you into the fantastic person you are today. Dads are the unsung heroes of day to day life, and while he may not ask for much in return, he deserves a special day for all his hard work.


Even if you don’t have the traditional dad, June 21st is a day you can honor any man in your life who shaped you in some way. Teachers, uncles, bosses, even the waiter at your favorite restaurant! They’ll be sure to appreciate the extra kindness. Carry around a pack-a-bag of candy to make sure you have a little gift for anyone who deserves a shout out this Father’s Day!


Is your dad the kind of guy who’s got everything, or a constant collector? Is he a techie, or a sports fan? Does he make 5 star dinners, or order take-out? We’ve got something for every kind of dad in our Father’s Day Candy section under the Candy by Occasion tab!

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Let us know who you’ll be celebrating this Father’s Day in the comments below!

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