Easter Candy & Gift Ideas

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Here is a list of some of our favorite Easter Candy & Gifts.


There are many great Easter Candy options, but here are a few of our favorites. Or View All Easter Candy.

1. Easter Decade Gift Boxes. These 2lb or 4lb boxes come stuffed with candy from the decade of your choice. You can choose an Easter themed box top and create a personal message. If you want, we’ll even include a hand-written gift card.




2. Cadbury Creme Eggs. These are an Easter classic. You can never go wrong with a Cadbury Egg!




3. Chocolate Bunnyettes or Eggs in Easter Foil. Chocolate: check, Egg Shaped: check, Bunny Shaped: Check. What else do you need?




4. Peeps. Easter isn’t complete without marshmallow Peeps. Choose from yellow, pink, blue, or white.



5. Spiderman, SpongeBob, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter Egg and Stickers.


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