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The Easter Bunny will soon be hopping around the corner. Hopefully, that means spring will be blooming as well. Each year he gets better at filling baskets, decorating eggs, and hiding them around the house. Its a wonder he can keep up with everything! Just in case the Easter Bunny needs help filling baskets at your house, we have come up with five cute DIY treats that will have your little chicks peeping. Kids can also help make these on a rainy day. You can also view all of our Easter Candy here.


Nutter Butter Chicks



If you’re like this hen, then you loooove anything that looks like a little chick. These Nutter Butter Chicks are mind boggling cute. To follow the tutorial you need Nutter Butters (or another favorite cookie), white chocolate melts, preferably already dyed yellow, and Reeses Pieces . Have the kids help and see how they can dress up their chick with sprinkles or other candies like M&Ms.


Easter Bunny Trail Mix



Even Peter Cottontail gets hungry on his trip. This Easter Bunny Trail Mix is perfect to leave out for the Easter Bunny, along with a carrot of course, or for an Easter party. Just grab some white chocolate melts, pastel M&Ms, Mini Robin eggs, and pop some popcorn. This super easy recipe is great too. Simply melt, mix, and stir.


Rice Krispies Easter Eggs



Here’s a really fun one for kids and adults to make. Rice Krispies Easter Eggs aren’t just the breakfast treat we all know. They have a secret surprise in them. Just like the plastic eggs only you can really enjoy these eggshells. The tutorial says to fill them pastel M&Ms,but we have a lot of Easter candies you can use. Like MellowCremes, Jelly Beans, Speckled Mini malt Eggs, Pastel Candy Corn, or Gummy Bunnies


Magic Yarn Eggs

yarn egg


This craft will leave your Easter party guests wondering how you did it. Magic Yarn Eggs are surprisingly easy and add a perfect touch to any Sunday dinner center piece. All you need is a balloon, yarn, and your favorite Easter candy, preferably one with foil on it. Cadbury Creme eggs or Hershey’s Easter Kisses would be great to put inside. After dinner your guests can crush the egg and get the treat, with much less mess.


Feel like we are missing some peeps? Oh don’t worry. We’ll have a whole post on Peep crafts coming up soon.  If you try one of the recipes, show us below or on our facebook page.

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