Dum Dum Reindeer – 8 Days of “Crafts-mas”

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Santa’s Reindeer are cute all by themselves. This candy version makes them even cuter!



Brown Construction Paper (2 Shades)

Brown Pipe Cleaners

Red Pom Poms

Dum Dum Suckers



  1. Using the darker shade of the brown paper, cut oblong ovals. Ours are about 4.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.
  2. To make the snout, cut a much smaller oval out of the lighter shade of brown paper and glue in the middle of the oval.
  3. If you’d like to make Rudolph, glue a small red PomPom into the center of the snout.
  4. Draw eyes and a mouth with a marker.
  5. Measuring from the bottom, punch a hole at 2 and 4.5 inches.  The 2 inch hole should be at the bottom of the snout and 4.5 above the face.
  6. Feed the Dum Dum stick through the bottom hole and then through the back of the second hole. If necessary you can glue the bottom of the dum dum to the paper.
  7. For the antlers, cut a 7 inch piece of pipe cleaner. Bend the ends to create the “rack.”
  8. Wrap the antlers around the stick. We wrapped it tightly to discourage the brown paper from sliding up.

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