Dog Days of Summer

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Have you ever heard the phrase “dog days of summer” and wondered where it came from? Well, like most things, it all harkens back to the stars!


As the earth turns and we get deeper and deeper into summer, our orbit changes ever so slightly. This gives us longer, warmer days, and peek at a different set of constellations in the night sky. One of the constellations that appears in late summer is Canis Major, also known as the Big Dog. This very special formation brings with it a star that outshines all the others – Sirius!


Sirius, or the Dog Star, is most visible in July and August, which also happen to be the heat peak of the summer season. This sultry period started being called the Dog Days after the star, but stuck around as a great way to describe those lazy summer afternoons!


While you’ve got your eye on the sky in these coming summer nights, you can beat the heat and feel like a space traveler with our astronaut ice cream!






You can also ward off the warm with these ice blue mint squares! Peppermint is super refreshing after a long day.



Or if you’re one who loves to sunbathe, feel the burn inside and out with Atomic Fireballs!



Don’t forget to wear sunscreen! Enjoy your Dog Days this July!


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