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When the days get long and bright, sometimes you need a quick boost of energy and a wake up call. The heat can put you straight to sleep, and no one wants to doze off and miss out on summer! Your mom definitely got one thing right: nothing beats a refreshing mid-day lemonade. That citrus kick is the perfect jolt of flavor to get you out of a warm weather rut!


Today at Old Time Candy, we’re counting down all the best candies that’ll give you that instant refresher only tangy sweet citrus can provide. No peeling required!

orangeslices brachs

One of the more “anatomically correct” fruit candies out there, Brach’s Orange Slices are an easy alternative to peeling a ton of messy oranges. Plus, these babies are made with real fruit juice! So close to the real thing, you’ll want to stock up on these sweeties.

chowards lemon

You don’t always need to overload on sour to get that perfect lemon twist. Choward’s Lemon Mints are a great mix of lemon-y refreshment and minty bite. Little squares of bite sized energy brighten your day, and you can carry them with you wherever you go! This mint features the real oil of a lemon, which will give your that quintessential citrus flavor.

sour patch


For those who need that sour blast, the ol’ faithful Sour Patch Kids will have you up and at ‘em in no time. They come in a variety of citrus flavors, including lemon, lime, and orange. They throw in cherry just for fun. Definitely a tongue burner, Sour Patch Kids are perfect for when you’ve gotta call in the big guns.

jollyranch sucker

Are you a lollipop kid? No sweat! We’ve got you hooked up with these Jolly Rancher Lollipops. Available in a classic pink lemonade, you get all the full flavor of the original Jolly Rancher in a convenient pop form. Get ready for some portable potency!

fizzies orange

After all this chewing, you’re really going to need a drink to wash it all down. Try Fizzies! This remarkable tablet turns plain old water into a citrus explosion of fizz and fun. For orange soda on the go, drop a tab of this in your water bottle and you’ve got an instant soft drink. Perfect for days when it’s too hot to run to the corner store!


Got any tricks to wake you up from a sun sleep? Share in the comments!

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