The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

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What is on your Christmas list this year?

Before you start rattling off all the things you asked Santa for this holiday season, let me ask you this—does your list include any Christmas candy?

If so, you’re truly a candy lover at heart, and for that, Santa will be stuffing your stocking to the brim with all of your favorite sweets.

If your list does not include Christmas candy, you’re doing something wrong. But no worries, we’ve got the perfect solution to this problem.

The Christmas Candy Gift Guide! 

It’s a complete buying guide to all the best Christmas candy that you can get your hands on this time of year. We’re talking chocolate candy, hard candy, peppermint candy, and some Christmas candy combos that bring the best of every flavor!

So before you start getting gifts for your family, best friend, neighbor, co-workers, church, or even your dentist (they deserve candy the most), go ahead and gaze upon the list of Christmas candy and let your sweet tooth run wild.

Chocolate Candy 

Ohh Fudge 

Who remembers the little kid who just wanted a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas? Good ol’ Ralphie dropped one of the most iconic lines in all Christmas movies back in 1983 when his father knocked a cap of lugnuts out of his hands and he said, “OHHHH FUDGE!” Born from this famous line is a holiday classic with a Christmas Story twist.

Behold, Ralphie's Fudge—a delectable Christmas treat that definitely tastes better than getting soap in your mouth. Choose from Creamy Chocolate or Chocolate Walnut and kick back on the couch while you watch one of the best holiday films of the season.

Dove Double Milk/Dark Chocolate Gift Tube

Everyone has that aunt who thinks she’s fancier than the rest of the family. She wears the extra perfume, maybe one of those coats with some fur on it, and chances are she thinks her taste buds are that of a Michelin star chef. Nonetheless, she deserves a sweet gift this year so go ahead and grab her a Dove Chocolate Gift Tube.

This sleek tube of chocolatey confections comes in both milk and dark chocolate, making it the perfect treat to share with that aunt of yours. 

KitKat Gingerbread

If you like KitKat, you’re going to love this. KitKat decided that they wanted some skin in the Christmas candy game, so they took to one of the season's coveted flavors: gingerbread.

These mini KitKat bars combine everything you love about the classic flavor and flip it on its head by swapping the chocolate for gingerbread and making the entire bar a sweet and slightly spicy treat that turns heads. Trust us when we tell you this is one of those candy bars you’re going to want to put in your hot chocolate.  

Hard Candy 

Deluxe Christmas Mix

These are the candies your grandma always had sitting in porcelain holiday dishes with detailed drawings of Santa’s sleigh and snowflakes. We know you couldn’t keep your hand out of them—and if your family showed up late on Christmas day, chances are you had to eat one of the more robust flavors one might say. With 220 pieces of candy in this collection, it’s a great holiday tribute to grandma and all those years she made the holidays feel special. 

Washburn’s Old Fashioned Filled Candies

This collection of classic candy will throw its own Christmas party in your mouth! Hard on the outside with a fruity and soft center, these fruit-filled candies were a hot commodity at every holiday bash. It was always a race to see who could get their hands on the best flavors before they were gone. Now that you’re an adult, you can have all of them to yourself, or share them at a Christmas party of your own! 

Stuckey’s Peanut Brittle

Is it really the holidays unless someone brings Peanut Brittle to the party? We’re convinced that this is one of those desserts that won’t be the most popular treat, but definitely will be appreciated by those who adore peanuts.

Grandpas, uncles, boyfriends, you know who loves this stuff, so why not grab a pack of peanut brittle from Stuckey’s from us and show up with something that will strike up a great Christmas conversation? 

Peppermint Candy

Candy Canes

Part of Buddy the Elf’s four main food groups (candy, candy canes, candy corn, syrup) the candy cane is by far the most recognized and reputable Christmas treat of the entire holiday season. There’s just something about letting a Candy Cane melt away in a cup of warm hot chocolate that makes sipping a warm holiday drink that much better.

Not to mention they make for a great stirring stick if you’re one of those folks who add extra sweetness to their cup-o-joe. If there’s one sweet gift to give this holiday season that takes people back to the days of childhood, the candy cane will do the trick. 

Andes Peppermint Crunch Thins

Andes is usually known for their iconic chocolate mint candy, but during the holidays they like to take it up a notch and get into the Christmas spirit. Swapping their standard chocolate top for a peppermint layer, this small-bite sweet blasts your taste buds with the seasonal flavor sending your brain back to the days of picking a candy cane right off the Christmas tree in church.

The best part about this Christmas candy is that you can stash it in your pockets and pop them throughout the evening and nobody will even know you’re eating candy, they’ll just think you’re keeping that mouth minty fresh. 

Red Bird Peppermint Puffs

We’re rounding out our peppermint category with another classic candy that most of us see all the time but is beloved during the holidays. The peppermint puff is an offshoot of the traditional peppermint hard candy that is crunchy and packed full of peppermint flavor.

These peppermint puffs take it to another level by adding some sensational texture giving the peppermint taste some additional pop and zing to make your breath taste just like Christmas. This is a great gift for that family member who drinks too much coffee and could use a mint here and there over the holiday. 

Christmas Candy Combinations

Holiday Candy Gift Box 

If you want to take your gift-giving to the next level this Christmas, the Holiday Gift Box will one-up Santa every single time. This box is packed to the edges with all the best candy you can imagine including Christmas treats and different decades of sweets! Pick between a 2lb or 4lb and get ready to rock someone’s sweet tooth this season.

Decade Candy Gift Box

If you really want to take someone’s taste buds back in time and trigger that extra nostalgia, I’ve got the perfect gift for you. Just like the Holiday box mentioned above, the Decade Candy Box is filled to the brim with all your favorite candy from any decade. We’re talking from the 1950’s all the way to the 2000’s, you pick the decade, how much you want (2lb or 4lb), and get ready to feel just like a kid again. 

Chocolate Lovers Christmas Box 

For the cocoa connoisseur, there’s the Chocolate Lover’s Christmas Box filled with a carefully curated selection of only the finest chocolate candy in the world. Hand-picked from the nostalgia of childhood, it’s got all the classics to get those taste buds excited. Choose from a variety of packages and tack on a special note, and you’ve got yourself the most wanted white elephant gift in the room. 

Party Favors Pre-Packs

If you find yourself hosting this holiday season, a party favor pack is the ideal giveaway gift as guests make their final exit from your Christmas celebration. Filled with 25 different pieces of candy from all different decades, these to-go treats are a great way to give the gift of sweetness without spending tons of stacks. Choose from your favorite candies from every decade and share a little bit of your childhood with all your party guests! 

It’s time to stuff those stockings full of Christmas candy! 

There you have it, the best list of Christmas candy you’ve ever laid eyes on. Now go venture down some of those candy aisles and grab yourself some Christmas candy to share with friends and save for Santa!

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