Chocolate Chip Day

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May 15th is a big day for a tiny piece of candy. Today is national Chocolate chip day! These bite size chocolate bits were created in 1937 by Ruth Graves Wakefield   when she created the Chocolate chip cookie at the Toll House Inn located in Massachusetts. So the cookie came first, before the chip. As it is today, the cookie is a huge hit. Toll house cookies went on to be bought by Nestle that decided the chips shouldn’t just be chocolate cut up. They created the tear drop with a flat base shape that we all know and love today.



Ever since then we have been putting chocolate chips in many baked goods, like brownies, pancakes, and granola bars. There are even some chips with different flavors like, peanut butter, white chocolate, and mint. One of our favorite ways to eat them is by grabbing a handful of  SnoCaps. What candy bars would you cut up into chips for your favorite treat? Will you be making any this holiday? Tell us below!

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